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  • Bay of Isles - Chiropractic Centre.

    We offer both chiropractic and occupational therapy services.

About Us

At Bay of Isles Chiropractic Centre, we offer both chiropractic and occupational therapy services to our patients in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Our team consists of Chiropractor Dr Mitch Bassett, who is a goldfields local. 

Our occupational therapist Derek Clarke has been with us for more than 20 years. They are both committed to ensuring only the very best services. A family-run business, we work with patients of all ages – both young and old - so if anyone in your family needs help, just get in touch with our team.

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Chiropractors- we aren’t just back crackers!

We can deliver therapy to any part of the musculoskeletal system from the spine and neck, to joints and muscles. Our treatments are based on the most up to date clinical guidelines and research. These treatments may include spinal and joint mobilisation and manipulation as well as soft tissue therapy including various massage techniques, soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and taping. Along with the conventional chiropractic treatment, we also offer intersegmental traction to our patients and also spend some time using a range of treatment options to help relax the body and reduce pain. As a result, our chiropractic treatment times are significantly longer than average, giving you the best chance to get better and feel great again. At bay of isles chiropractic, our philosophy and model of health care resembles what you receive from other health professionals such as your GP. Put simply- we offer a range of hands on techniques to get your injury better. If you are looking for something specific, just ask.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapist Derek Clarke has been practicing at bay of isles chiropractic since 1995. He utilises a range of soft tissue therapy including stretching, trigger point therapy, deep pressure, myofascial release and soft tissue manipulation in order to get your muscles relaxed and your body moving again. Whether it be a work or sport injury, or just bad posture getting you down, Derek has the skill and expertise to get you right again.

During your time with us

For initial consultations, please allow 40 minutes at our clinic. You are required to fill out some paperwork prior to your consultation, so please bring reading glasses if required. Please wear loose fitting clothing and ensure your area problem area is easily accessible by the practitioner. It is always good to bring in any other important details such as prior X-rays, mediction lists etc. You will undergo a thorough history and physical examination prior to treatment to allow the practitioner to fully assess your condition and determine the cause/source of your problem. For chiropractic patients, you may or may not require X-rays prior to treatment. This depends entirely on your individual case and is determined by any history or physical results obtained during this consultation. Any X-rays required are referred directly by Dr Mitch Bassett and are performed at the local radiology department at the Esperance hospital. These are done free of charge for those who have a medicare card. If deemed appropriate, your treatment will commence on the initial visit. Follow up visits will require 20 minutes for Occupational therapy, and 30 minutes for Chiropractic appointments. As we are a busy clinic, we require all patients to be on time. Please note, all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • Initial appointment for chiropractic $80
  • Follow up appointment for chiropractic $56
  • Initial appointment for occupational therapy $80
  • Follow up appointment for occupational therapy $54
  • Extended consultations can be booked on your request, or if the practitioner deems that you require extra time (such as those patients with multiple areas of injury). These are $65
  • We have onsite claiming for those with private health insurance, please bring in your card and we can swipe it through the hicaps machine and you will only need to pay the gap for your convenience.
    There are no hidden Fees with our treatment.
    Both Eftpos and cash payments are accepted.

Our Team